Tip Of The Day – Practice Without Distraction

You will practice more efficiently and get more done if you keep your practice sessions distraction-free. This means no telephone calls, no visitors, and no television.

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Find set times to make this happen by communicating with family and friends. Most will respect your space and you will get an invigorated commitment to your guitar practice.

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3 Comments on “Tip Of The Day – Practice Without Distraction”

  • MJK (Mike) wrote on 17 June, 2009, 5:06

    And NO…..

    The above is where some of my problems start…

  • Storm wrote on 17 June, 2009, 6:01

    It is to get sucked in by the open-ended information available on computers. And Facebook/MySpace can be far more distracting than phone calls. Great point.

    A study highlighted on my local news : College students who spent significant time on Facebook averaged one grade lower than other students. Food for thought!

  • MJK (Mike) wrote on 17 June, 2009, 6:04

    I have heard about the college student issue and like a bad habit, it sucks you back in. I am slowly getting over it but like my lessons, it takes time.

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