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Guitar Jam Track – “Little Wing” Hendrix Style

One of the best experiences of attending Musicians Institute [1] was having limitless opportunity to jam with the other students. On one such occasion, I was introduced to the progression for “Little Wing” by Jimi Hendrix. Little did I know that I would end playing this song hundreds of times on stage and in jam sessions!

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This backing track uses a handful of common chords, both open and barre forms:


The progression is a great one for jamming. It is just a one part, 10-bar form that keeps repeating so no worries about arrangement. And while it is open to scale substitutions you can solo nicely using just the E Minor Pentatonic Scale.


For some inspiration check out this YouTube clip of Stevie Ray Vaughan playing “Little Wing” live. A little “Third Stone From The Sun” is thrown in at the end as a bonus!

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