Slow Blues Jam Track – Key of G

A “slow blues” really lets blues guitarists showcase their soloing skill. The following smoky slow blues backing track in 12/8 time is similar to “Texas Flood” by Stevie Ray Vaughan or T-Bone Walker’s “Stormy Monday”. Just a standard  12-Bar Blues progression in the key of G, but with the added interest of a quick change to the IV chord (C7) in the second bar and a busier I-IV-I-V turnaround.

Slow Blues Jam Track – Key of G

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Download Jam Track (Right click – Save As)

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Slow Blues In G

We can spend a lifetime working out new licks to this progression. We will learn more Slow Blues licks and explore the B.B. King Box in upcoming lessons. Until then, here are some suggested scale patterns.

Slow Blues in G Patterns

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8 Comments on “Slow Blues Jam Track – Key of G”

  • adam laurie wrote on 12 November, 2009, 3:32

    im trying to download this backing track, but i cant seem too, any ideas?

  • Storm wrote on 12 November, 2009, 20:46

    @adam laurie: I inserted a direct link to the file mp3 file used in the jam track loop. Look for it directly below the jam track loop. You should be able to right-mouse click that link and then select “Save Link As” to download the file. There probably is a more elegant way to code that but, alas, I am just a simple guitar player! I hope that helps.

  • adam laurie wrote on 12 November, 2009, 23:41

    hey there,

    thank you very much, its a very good site. im getting together a blues band myself and i think this site will be a valuble resource, thank you very much 🙂

  • Steve Sharkey wrote on 30 January, 2010, 7:44

    What a fantastic site this is! I am grateful to you for the excellent jam tracks/info,etc. I always suggest your site to fellow guitarists who are looking to sharpen their playing skills.

    Peace and happiness!

  • Guitar player wrote on 10 July, 2012, 11:57

    Slow and bluesy rhythm that’s great for improvising blues + combining modes!


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