15 June

Changing Guitar Strings

Have you changed your guitar strings this month?? This year??? Ever???!!! If you haven’t because you are intimidated by the process, this lesson is for you. There are many benefits to keeping your strings fresh, including better tone, better feel …

03 May

Parts Of The Guitar

Learning the parts of the guitar is fundamental. The most common guitars used today can be classified as either Acoustic Guitars or Electric Guitars. Both types share the same three basic areas in common: Head, Neck and Body. The head …

01 May

Riff Interactive Lesson Archives

Some of you may know that I held live internet group lessons weekly between 2001 and 2003. Following is a repost of the links to those archives. Hopefully you can find something in these to keep your fret-fingers busy 😉 …

24 April

Mark_B Lesson 042409

Lesson covering Major/Minor Pentatonic soloing and intervallic sequences. Video Archive (33 min. – 85.5 MB) Early Rock 12-Bar [audio:http://guitarteacher.com/media/mp3/jam/EarlyRock12_Bar_A.mp3|loop=yes] Early Rock 8-Bar [audio:http://guitarteacher.com/media/mp3/jam/EarlyRock8_Bar_A.mp3|loop=yes] Documents Early Rock Licks (PDF) Scale Sequences – Groups & Intervals (PDF)